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The Brain/Pharma Ads

April 30, 2013

When seeing this assignment I thought it was going to be really boring and that I would not be interested at all. I ended up being very surprised that I was wrong about this. While I did not think that the 3D tour made me want to change my activity, it did give me knowledge that I did not know about that organ in body that is working for me every day, my brain.

Viewing the brain anatomy did not really persuade me to change any behaviors to improve brain function. I feel this way because even though the 3D tour of the brain did give me a lot of information about each part of the brain and what it does, it did not persuade me to do anything else that would improve the health or well-being of these parts of my brain.

Viewing the brain anatomy definitely helped me understand the function of the brain more than I did before. I had no idea what certain parts of the brain were even called, never mind what they did. Now I can definitely say I know what parts of my brain are where, even just from viewing the model for this brief assignment.

I do think that this is an example of the truth being made visible. I think this because I myself am a pretty visual person. If I am being lectured or talked at about a certain topic (especially if it is science related) then I tend to tune out and really have no idea what is going on. If I am shown or given the ability to be hands on with a topic, I find it much easier to grasp the concept of it. This 3D  exploration definitely made “the truth visible” for me.



1. The ad does have a checklist of symptoms that interpolates the viewer. The symptoms shown are muscle aches, pain, and stiffness.
2. The condition the drug in the ad is intended to treat is fibromyalgia which is a leading cause of depression.
3. The side effects are not listed in the ad but the ad does say “Learn More.” Upon researching the side effects I found that Cymbalta can cause nausea, dry mouth, sleepiness, fatigue, constipation, dizziness, decreased appetite, or increased sweating. This list is definitely longer than the list of symptoms.
4. The ad promises the consumer that if they take Cymbalta, they will have less muscle aches, pain, and stiffness and that Cymbalta will make them feel better overall. The images and copy help to promote this promise because it shows a man who looks like he is in pain and that a dosage of Cymbalta will solve all his problems.

Overall I do not really like this ad or think it is a good ad for a consumer who is experiencing depression. The side effects are not even listed on the ad which is a little bit confusing to me. If I were the creator of this ad I probably would have used a different picture in the ad, such as a person being happy and energetic.


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