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Pastiche Exercises

April 14, 2013

Pastiche Exercise 1

I had never heard of the word pastiche until this assignment. I had always thought it was always just called a parody. When watching Shrek in class, I realized that there are so many pastiche’s in that movie as well as many other movies. The first movies (or series of movies) that came to mind was the Scary Movie series. I personally enjoy watching them and seeing what they choose to return from the past and make a mockery of. These series are parodies, but a lot that is included is pastiche. I know that when I watch films or television I will be able to tell when there is a pastiche present.

The example of pastiche that I found in a film is in Scary Movie 3.

  1. This  pastiche is a working of the past because it takes a few different older      movies and bases the plot of the film around them. The older movies that are used in Scary Movie 3 are The Ring, Signs, The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and 8 Mile. The movie takes certain scenes or plots from the movies listed and brings them back into one full movie that is actually very comical.
  2. This  is most definitely a pastiche with a parody as well. This is because the whole movie makes fun of the movies mentioned above and exaggerates parts to make it comical.
  3. This work is a questioning of the status of the original because it takes what was supposed to me serious, scary, or suspenseful in the movies and instead makes a mockery of them by almost making what they say sarcastic throughout the film.
  4. Scary Movie 3 citation:

Scary movie 3. (2003, October 24). Retrieved from

Pastiche Exercise 2

1. This pastiche is a reworking of the past because the individual graphs mimic graph we learned in school (pie charts, bar graphs, Line graphs, etc.) and make the graphs about everyday things that we as humans do. The site is a pastiche of a site that would give valuable and factual numbers about population, men to women ratios, etc.

2.This is most definitely a pastiche with parody because it makes fun of what we do and how little importance it has. For example, one graph that I thought was funny was the one below. It is funny because it is something that I know I do, and I am sure many other people do it as well, yet it is not something you think about every day.

Poke Poke Poke

3. This work is a questioning of the status of the original because it takes a pie chart and instead of giving the viewer data, it is giving the fewer a bit of comedy.

4. Some of the other graphs I chose to examine are below.

So, Not That Many, Really


I actually enjoyed viewing this site. It was very funny and was a whole new way to look at charts and graphs as opposed to the typical mathematical or educational way.


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