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Culture Jamming

April 5, 2013

apple ad revised

I chose this ad because it is one of the most popular ads in the world. It is an ad for Apple IPod. This ad has been seen by pretty much everyone. It is seen on television, in magazines, on buses, and many other places ads are present. This is not the only version of this ad. The Apple IPod ads are somewhat different. They are all silhouettes of people (whether they are boys or girls) with white IPod headphones in listening to their music. No one knows what kind of music the people in the ad are listening to, but that is what makes the ad so great. No matter who you are, you are able to enjoy and IPod because you can make it all about you. You can download the music you like, and create the playlists you want to create.

I believe this ad is telling the viewer to go get an IPod. If you go and get an IPod, you can have as much fun as the boy or girl in this ad. The reason I chose to manipulate the ad the way I did is because it turns the message the ad was giving into something totally different. No longer is the ad simply telling the viewer that an IPod will make their lives so much fun and that you can be an individual with this iPod. The new, manipulated ad is telling the viewer that Apple carries more than just the fun IPod, it carries many more “fun” things.

I connected the original ad to the new ad very easily. I still used the basis of the old ad. I changed the slogan of “iPhone” to “iWantitall.” I changed the slogan because the viewer can see the girl with her IPod, but can also see an image of all other Apple Products under her right arm. The “iWantitall” slogan tells the viewer that once you have one, you are going to want the rest.

When I think about the ad that I created, I wonder how successful it may or may not be. Obviously, the old ad has been very successful seeing how Apple is doing very well and you cannot go anywhere without seeing an iPod or and IPhone, or even a Mac. The new ad does show the viewer all that he or she can purchase, but it does not really just focus on why one object is so great. Maybe the reason that the IPod is so successful is because the ad is simple. It shows a teen or young adult having a blast while dancing to their music. The ad I created may give the wrong message. It could imply that Apple wants you to go out and get everything they have because they want to make a profit. Either way, I do think that the reworked ad does provide an oppositional reading for the viewer. I never knew what culture jamming was, but now I do know that the manipulated ad does “expose the methods of domination” in the media.


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