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Media Tracking

March 28, 2013

The form of media I used the most these past forty-eight hours was the television. I watched the TV in the morning to catch the morning news, and at night to watch shows that I like. The total time that I spent watching television was probable about six hours in two days. The form of media that I used least was my email. It always depends on the day, but these past forty-eight hours I rarely had emails to check and didn’t get many throughout this time. My emails send directly to my phone, so whenever I get an email I will usually check it. Some days email will be my most used form of media, but for these couple of days it was not. The average time I would say I spent on the internet was two hours in two days.

            When tracking how much time I spent communicating with others, it was a little bit difficult. I don’t have a great phone. My phone is very slow and I really don’t like texting on it. Once I upgrade to an IPhone, I’m sure I’ll be using my phone a lot more. I did however make plenty of phone calls these past couple of days. I also use an application called Voxer. It is basically like a walky talky. I can hold down a button on the application and speak into it, and my friend on the other end can hear my message as long as they have the application as well. All my friends from home have Voxer, and we communicate pretty regularly on it and even have group messages. During the past forty-right hours I used Voxer for about three hours total. I texted for about one hour total and I called for about one hour total. All together I communicated over media for five hours within forty-eight hours.

            The time spent using media that was monologic was about nine hours. This is because I watched TV (as previously stated) for a total of five hours, and I listened to Pandora Radio about two hours a day while at the gym. I would say that this is a pretty reasonable amount of time to use monologic media, especially since four of those hours were listening to media while exercising.

            What surprised me the most about the time I spent engaged in media is that I don’t think that I spend much time at all. If this was only a few months ago, I would probably have many more hours to document. This semester I have been so busy with classes, three jobs, and a Resident Assistant position that I rarely have time to use the media as much as I would like. I know that this sounds odd especially for someone my age, but it is really hard to find the time at this point in my life. I could be completely wrong, and these hours could seem like a lot. I guess I will only know when I can compare my results to others’ in the class.

            I think that I will continue to use media as I do. I feel as though I get caught up on what is going on in the world with the morning news, so that is sufficient enough. It would be nice to have more time for media, but that will come as soon as a graduate I am sure.


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