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Creative Commons Project

March 5, 2013

Before this class I had no idea what the creative commons practice was. I am still not sure if I fully understand the difference between the creative commons and a regular copy write, but I think the creative commons is a simpler version of copywriting, with more flexibility for new creators out there who want to build off of someone else’s great work.

The creative commons project alters the way we understand ownership and copyright because it allows for almost the same benefit as copyright, without the individual negotiations part of it. If I understand correctly, the creative commons project is beneficial for both parties who don’t want to drag out the process the way copywriting drags it out. This project affects the subject or subjects of a work because it can get the subject noticed quicker and just as efficiently as a regular copy write. Creative commons “allow creators to communicate which rights they reserve, and which rights they waive for the benefit of recipients or other creators.” This means that the creator is able to waive certain writes so that if another artist is inspired by his or her work, they can go with their inspiration.

A Creative Commons license would have altered the works cited in the text Gone with the Wind because it may not have blocked and secured all references so much. If an individual fell in love with Gone with the Wind, they were blocked from expanding and broadening their interest because they couldn’t possibly be allowed to work of the works already used in the novel. With a creative commons license, we could have been fortunate to have a sequel to the book or a novel building off the book.

I would say that the Creative Commons project does afford protection to the right of publicity. When looking at the Bela Lugosi case, you and see that Lugosi ended up being very famous and loved by the public. This hurt him at times because producers and creators did not want such a “famous” actor in their movies because Lugosi was starting to be seen as a one role artist. It was beginning to be hard for him to play different roles since new roles weren’t being offered to him. If the creative common project existed back then, then Lugosi would not be strictly attached to a certain role and many other creators could take what they liked about Lugosi’s work and use that towards a different woke altogether.

I do believe that the creative commons project is a great way for new creators to build off a great piece of work, or even simply to reference a great piece of work. It allows for the great works of the past to be brought back to life and recognized more than they ever were. One would never think that as a new creator you could be so stuck with the rules of copywriting, but without the creative commons, it must have been very difficult.


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